Discover new places around you to eat drink and enjoy life.

VIV Life is a mobile app that helps you discover amazing places in your area to experience.

Finding something new and amazing can be overwhelming. Spontaneity can easily be lost searching for something to do instead of actually doing it.

VIV Life presents curated places and experiences in your area.

It helps you discover new things, invite friends to go and find out how to get there.

Don’t get trapped doing the same old thing or giving up and staying in.

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Explore VIV

VIV lets you share the places you are interested in with people you want to invite.

Connect to your Map app to find out exactly where you are going.

VIV Integrates with Uber to help you get anywhere at any time.

VIV Vision

In today’s digital age we are seeing an increasing dissasociation between people and their neighbourhoods, cities and world itself. VIV’s overarching goal is to help people get out from behind their screens, engage with their communities and lead a more enriched, connected life.

By presenting our users with local businesses (culinary, culturual and experiential) we help them discover and experience amazing things at their fingertips, helping them to engage and connect with the world around them.

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