17 Feb 2016
Spotlight on Samantha Spatari

For an artist working within Toronto, the depths of negativity can be overwhelming. With people consistently indicating that Hollywood is the place to be and flocks of artists moving to the U.S. for a greater chance at success, it becomes hard to remember why Toronto is a great place to not only start your career, but to stay.

But, this is not the case for Torontonian and aspiring actress Samantha Spatari. She believes this city is a great place to pursue her acting career. Says Spatari, “You never feel like a small fish in a big pond. Toronto actually gives you the confidence to continue the acting craft. In an industry that tells you “no” the majority of the time, confidence is key.”

Spatari has already created a resume for herself in Toronto that includes acting as a lead in the play, The Italian Virgin, written by Vince Moia at Kreative Edge Inc., as well as being a part of several independent films.

Her latest role was in the student short film, Cupid, directed by Maria De Sanctis and showcased at TIFF’s Canada’s Top Ten Student Shorts this past January. Cupid follows the blossoming relationship of a couple (Spatari stars as Padideh) over the span of four years and within fourteen minutes, reveals the challenges, changes and chances that most people take and experience. In this role, Spatari’s emotions transcended beyond the screen reaching the audience at a surprising rate. The passion, sadness and pain that Padideh experiences throughout the short created a lasting impression. Spatari was able to create a relationship with the audience, allowing them to relate to Padideh in the same way you could relate to a friend. And, to be able to do that in 14 minutes is impressive!


You can almost say Spatari was a natural-born performer, having got her taste of the limelight from an early age. With a dance and musical background and fueled by what she describes as “a rush of adrenaline while performing for people,” it was only a matter of time until Spatari would also turn to acting. At 15, while modelling in a fashion show, she was approached by a couple of industry professionals who suggested she should give acting a try. Shortly after, Spatari began studying acting. But, it was after graduating from Ryerson University as a Photography Major when Spatari’s acting career began to take off. Motivating herself to continue to pursue what made her happy, Spatari got on track with an agency and began booking commercials, plays and short films right here in our city. And, her background in photography has played a significant role in her acting, teaching her not only what goes on in front of the camera as an actress, but also the importance of what goes on behind the camera, especially with directing and lighting.

Asked whether she has any advice for aspiring actors pursuing a career in Toronto or elsewhere, Spatari offers, “Always surround yourself with positive people, consistently train and practice your craft and gain life experiences by travelling and meeting new people. If something doesn’t make you happy, change it because you should always do what makes you happy.”

Photo Credit: Tim Leyes
Natasha Soda

Natasha Soda

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