19 Jan 2016
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If you’re an extrovert, this article should serve as a good reminder of how fun and energetic you are. If you’re not an extrovert and are looking to date one, this article, I hope, will outline some of our common traits to get you prepared for our boisterous personality.

Just because we like to talk to others does not make us a flirt. This is one of the biggest misnomers for us extroverts. We are natural talkers and love the presence of others. However, just because we’re friendly and warm does not mean that you should get jealous. Before jumping to conclusions, let us do our thing by introducing ourselves to everyone at a party or making friends with the wait staff. That’s just what we do.

We like our alone time too. Extroverts are energized by being around people so we prefer to hang out in a group. This doesn’t mean, though, that we always want to be surrounded by swarms of people. In fact, extroverts need time to recalibrate and we do like to relax! The key here is that we like to spend one-on-one time with the right person — someone who will let us hang out, but who isn’t dependent or needy.

We don’t expect you to be an extrovert. Don’t get your panties in a knot worrying about being exciting or loud enough for us. We’re on a date with you for a reason. To balance out our ying, we are usually looking for our yang — an introvert. If you’re quiet, that’s fine because we’ll probably do most of the talking anyway. Extroverts need an audience so don’t feel pressured to keep up with our energy. As long as you’re easy going and enjoy being entertained, just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Most times we like to be the centre of attention. Extroverts love the energy of the crowd and don’t mind putting themselves in the middle of the action. In fact, we sometimes prefer to be the centre of attention. We also don’t embarrass too easily. So, be prepared for your date to either volunteer for a magic trick or get on stage to dance with the band. Let them do their thing. They’ll come back to you to share the details of their experience.

We’re pretty damn direct, so learn how to deal or get over it. We like to express ourselves, whether we are happy, sad or frustrated. And we will share our feelings with whoever is listening. Our feelings are generally not hard to understand because we will tell you. This might be uncomfortable for some introverts, but listen to what we have to say and calmly respond. Don’t ignore us because that will make us even more annoyed.

Extroverts are a lot of fun, at least I think so, as long as you are aware of these tendencies and accept them for who they are. Don’t expect them to change or “settle down” because they are dating you. Instead, embrace them for who they are. We bring a lot to the table, so we dare you to date us.

Mishka Alarcon

Mishka Alarcon

Mishka is a B2B marketer and social media strategist. She also enjoys blogging for her website MishkaAlarcon.com and for other organizations including: American Marketing Association (AMA) Toronto Chapter, Lean In Canada and most recently VIV Love Life. In addition to writing she loves taking pictures of architecture and competing in CrossFit.