10 Aug 2015
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When someone starts training in Muay Thai Kickboxing something happens that helps redefine what “the fight” is. One would think it is all about throwing punches, knees, kicks and all kinds of fun stuff. You learn very quickly, however that the true fight is with yourself.
Confronting fear, insecurity, self awareness and a host of other demons is the true fight. Giving you tools to overcoming these issues is how Muay Thai and any other martial art/combat sport truly helps you grow as a human being.
When you start overcoming these things you become smoother, faster, more determined. You can stand your ground and give just enough to get what you want. You learn how to impose your will without trying to overbear. Intensity and fluidity are intermingled and your victories not only come easier but change in their nature. It is no longer about defeating or overcoming anything other than yourself.
All of these changes permeate the rest of your life. In all your interactions with others conflict is no longer something to be afraid off. In fact, its exciting! “We have a disagreement? Awesome! Lets get to the heart of it. Let’s figure it out”. Throwing aside the passive aggressive tendencies that pass as conflict resolution and being willing to simply confront issues and problems head on completely changes how others see how and indeed, how you see yourself.
Whether you are in the ring sparring with a far superior opponent or talking with a person that is intimidatingly beautiful you are able to laugh in the face of insecurity and just engage. Let it flow and just move forward. Sometimes you take a few lumps. Sometimes you get shot down. But that’s ok. That is how you learn and grow. Having the courage to believe in yourself and try is the most important thing.
And in that way fighting solves everything.
Adrian Kostic

Adrian Kostic

Adrian is the co-founder of VIV. A man with a vision, creativity, passion and wit. Adrian writes about the finer things in life. He knows a good scotch when he tastes one and his philosophy runs deeper than meets the eye.