3 Aug 2015
Hats have moved beyond being a ‘bad hair day’ cover-up and are now a stylish accessory regardless of season. 
Nothing completes a look quite like a great hat does. It has the ability to shield you from sun and inject some glamour into your style at the same time. One thing to remember: when choosing a hat, have your face and hat size in mind. Look at your head’s shape and get to know what compliments it. When you do try a hat on, experiment with angle. Tip it forward, tip it back. But most importantly, be fearless and wear it with confidence!
And here are my favorite styles of sun hats for summer:
  • Panama hats are casual and ideal for warm weather. Look for bright prints and colors.
  • The straw hats are perfect for picnics or summer brunches.
  • A vintage straw boater adds nautical charm to any outfit.
  • The floppies come in feminine, bohemian flair that makes them eye-catching. A big floppy hat goes great with a swimsuit or can easily be paired with a dress, making it look like you’re dressed up but relaxed at the same time.
Barbora Dudinska

Barbora Dudinska

Toronto-based fashion and image consultant, personal stylist and freelance writer. Recognized for her fashion and style expertise, Barbora has been covering all things fashion for various media outlets in Canada and Europe. With exclusive insider access to star-studded red carpets, she experiences first hand and up close what’s hot, what’s not, what’s trendy and what are the highs and lows of Hollywood style. www.styleimage.ca Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @chichiblog