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27 Aug 2015
Drinks - Lifestyle

Keeping a date low key doesn’t mean it has to be boring. No matter what you do for your date, or what type of vibe you’re trying to create, you can always find gems that will elevate the experience that little extra that will make a huge difference.

Going out for a beer is one of those low key dates. Everyone loves just to unwind with a cold one without any pretence. In trying to keep that low key vibe, you can still have a great unique experience. In Toronto, we are really lucky to have great beer offerings with multiple different bars and restaurants with fantastic local beer on tap. The only thing better in my opinion than getting fresh local beer from a bar or restaurant, is to go right to the source, the microbreweries.

Microbreweries are great places for a date because they offer great environments, good food and they are the perfect place to keep things low key while while showing you care. Here are five great microbreweries in Toronto.
Anthony Rinella

Anthony Rinella

Anthony is often the person his friends ask for advice on where to go out. When he's not running VIV as one of the co-founders, he can either be found roaming the streets in Toronto looking for new spots or getting lost out in the country.