24 Aug 2015
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Great dates are often not centered around a single place or activity. Psychologically speaking, if you are to increase the number of things you do on your date, the brain doesn’t have the opportunity to mush the entire date into one passing thought, but rather will be forced to think of each of the separate activities/venues individually. This leaves you with the feeling of a whirlwind date that “felt” like it lasted forever, when it took just as much time as your date over dinner.

I find it is most rewarding when I don’t say all things I have planned, but rather let them happen organically throughout the date. It gives a everyone a serendipitous feeling that adds magic to the whole experience. Also, if you do this on a first date, it is a lot more different than just sitting down for a coffee and can add excitement if the date is going well, but it also give plenty of opportunity to pull the shoot if the date isn’t going all that well.

An important thing to note though, is that if you are going to pack a couple of activities and venues on a single date, my best advice is to plan ahead and not to wing it. It always puts you in the best light when you are decisive with what you want to do next and have a great option lined up already. With that said though, keep it light and not too scheduled. If the vibe is right somewhere, don’t stop and try to move onto something else just for the sake of it. The goal is to keep your date exciting and fun.

These venues and activities do not have to be expensive or elaborate. They can be something simple like grabbing a slice of pizza, sitting at a park to eat it, then walking to a cafe and finishing the date there. Creativity, not cost, will determine the success of your date.

So how many venues and activities should you have up your sleeve for a single date? 2-3 is the safe answer. If it’s a first date, I would stick to 2 maybe 3 depending on how things are going. If you have been with someone for a while, pack in a whole day of things to do.

Ultimately, everyone deep down, wants their date to play out as if they were in some rom-com. String together a couple of interesting and fun things to do on your next date, and let us know how it went.

Anthony Rinella

Anthony Rinella

Anthony is often the person his friends ask for advice on where to go out. When he's not running VIV as one of the co-founders, he can either be found roaming the streets in Toronto looking for new spots or getting lost out in the country.