7 Dec 2015
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Barbers, whiskey, taxidermy and authenticity. What else does a barbershop need?

When you walk into this little barber shop in the Junction there is an overwhelming feeling of “holy crap there is a lot of stuff in here”. The place is full of fishing and hunting trophies along with other memorabilia randomly covering the walls. As you pass the barber chairs you find yourself at a full wet bar and behind that is a small lounge area with a TV usually playing some sort of sports game.

The miscreants and mavericks working at Rod Gun and Barber are a motley crew of down to earth folks. After the shock of walking into such a visually full space wears off you realize that one of them is asking how’s it going and if you want to take a seat at the bar and have a drink.

As your brain starts to process the question it dawns on you that the owner Jeff James may just have created the best man cave of a barber shop ever. His intention to create the classic kind of experience that his father and grandfather would have frequented has been well executed.

They encourage you to hang out long before or after your appointment or whether you have an appointment at all! Rod, Gun and Barber has achieved a clubhouse atmosphere where everyone is welcome. Come as you are.

On the weekends you can find a band playing in the front of the place after 8pm. How they squeeze in there is anyone’s guess but it makes for a fun night

What really strikes you about this place is its genuine nature. In an era where dripping hipster irony has coated the entire west end of Toronto (to the point where people have forgotten that that whole thing was supposed to be about irony in the first place) Rod Gun and Barber stands out as the real deal. Every piece and decoration in the place has as much of a story as the people that work there.

Oh, and on top of all that they cut a mean head of hair.
Adrian Kostic

Adrian Kostic

Adrian is the co-founder of VIV. A man with a vision, creativity, passion and wit. Adrian writes about the finer things in life. He knows a good scotch when he tastes one and his philosophy runs deeper than meets the eye.